canadian rocky mountain beef

Canadian Rocky Mountain Beef

How Do You Calculate Yields?

Our program is based on slaughtering grain fed cattle between 1,400 lbs (635 kg) and 1,500 lbs (680 kg). These cattle lose approximately 4.0% of their weight during transportation to the slaughter facility. Our hot carcass yield is calculated after removal of the head, feet, tail, hide, blood, and internal organs. The hot carcass weight is measured prior to carcass cooling. We expect the carcass to yield approximately 60% of the live weight. This means that our target hot carcass weight is 806 lbs (365 kg) to 864 lbs (392 kg).

The hot carcasses are then chilled for 48 hours prior to fabrication (cutting and packaging). The carcasses typically lose 2% of their weight during cooling. This means that our target cold carcass weight is 790 lbs (358 kg) to 847 lbs (384 kg).

Bones, glands and fat are removed during the fabrication process. We expect that our boneless specifications will yield approximately 77%. This means that our target boxed beef (vacuum packaged) weight is 608 lbs (276 kg) to 652 lbs (296 kg).