canadian rocky mountain beef

Canadian Rocky Mountain Beef

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As a premier supplier of high-end beef products, our services go far beyond the ordinary.

We are dedicated to meeting each customer’s individual needs. We work closely with you to give your high-quality beef program every advantage for success.

  • Private Label Packaging

  • Your product is packaged in boxes displaying your logo and name – providing you with maximum exclusivity of supply and brand penetration. This also allows you to distribute locally without the need or expense of re-boxing.

  • Forward Contract

  • Our Supply Chain is able to Forward Contract Live Grain-Fed Cattle in Alberta for up to six months.

  • Open-Book Costing

  • Rather than market-based pricing, we use open-book costing.
  • Beef Quality

  • We can remove all off-graded carcasses from your program. You only purchase your desired quality of beef.

  • Optional Beef Certifications
  • Halal-Certified Beef

    All cattle are processed according to Islamic standards and certified at the time of slaughter.

    Mainland China-Certified Beef

    All cattle are produced according to Chinese ractopamine-free standards.

    European Union-Certified Beef

    All cattle are produced according to European NHTC standards.